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Mature content
Commission: The Pendant :iconnotabot999:notabot999 127 2
Ahri D.vafied .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ahri D.vafied .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,922 294
Mature content
Dreams Dead- FemItalyXMaleReaderXFemEngland :iconfiredragon336:Firedragon336 24 16
The plan
Female America x Island Male Reader x Female Russia
“And dat is why communism is better than stupid capitalism, da?”
Russia had just finished giving her speech when a few of the other countries in the class clapped, even though they were confused as to why she went off on one like that. Her original report was supposed to be about why Russia doesn’t need communism to thrive, but Russia had different plans. It didn’t even look like the teacher, Ms. Rome, was brave enough to stop her either.
Once Ms. Rome told Russia that she could take her seat again, Russia bowed to the class before turning in your direction and winking rather seductively. Your face turned red as you tried to hide your now embarrassed face into your folded arms. All eyes were on you, especially those of the country sitting on the table to the left of yours, America. She was glaring at Russia throughout her little speech, knowing full well that Ru
:iconmalereader-writer:MaleReader-Writer 81 53
Fight for love
Vietnam x Taiwan x Oblivious Male Reader x Nyo China x Nyo Japan
As you made your way down the halls of World academy W with your friend, Alfred Jones, you failed to notice the four pairs of eyes staring intently at you as you made your way to class. Alfred noticed though,
“Hey dude, so which one are you going to pick?”
You looked at your American friend and raised an eyebrow in confusion. He kept asking weird shit like that and you had no idea what he meant,
“What are you talking about, idiot?”
Alfred chuckled to himself and turned around to face the four girls, giving them a thumbs up. All four of the spying girls’ hearts practically stopped as their positions had been compromised. You looked to where he was looking and saw the retreating figures of four girls.
“Oh, nothing…”
You sighed at the American boy, sometimes you seriously wondered why you became friends with such an insufferable arsehole. Like always though,
:iconkingo-2000:KingO-2000 97 25
Shy!Male!Reader x Belarus
You had been very good friends with Ivan ever since the beginning of school. He liked that you were shy and quite (unlike his partner Alfred) and that you also didn't seem scared of him. The two of you would often hang out at your house to do home work or if he just needed to get away from his sister Natalia, who he had told you plenty about.
You thought she sounded scary, imagining a demon witch every time your Russian friend mentioned the girl. You figured that's why Ivan had never invited you to his house before. His jealous, incestuous sister (and a little that his boyfriend would get jealous too). So when you were invited over to stay for a few nights, while your parents were moving house, you were hesitant to say yes.
None the less you agreed to his very kind offer with the understanding that Alfred would be there too. Both of which made it very clear to avoid Natalia at any cost. You almost chocked on your (favourite drink) when Ivan told you about the time Alfred offered her Iv
:iconplanetfangirl:planetfangirl 58 37
Hitsugi Sayo Triage x by kommankom
Mature content
Hitsugi Sayo Triage x :iconkommankom:kommankom 258 10
Cold Hearted - Warm Souled Disowned!Weiss x Male R
~+~ Cold Hearted - Warm Souled ~+~
    (a/n) Been really hard recently to get these really going back up. This was another semi-lazy write. Lil bit OC. That’s all I really have to say. Enjoy!
    This takes place during season 4. Rather than Weiss’ dad giving the fortune to Whitely after that fiasco, he flat kicks her out. You are a human doctor (cause idky but doctor is a job I know best?) and 21 years old (3 years older than her). Music references as per usual.
~+~ Weiss ~+~
    “NO STOP, PLEASE!” Weiss cried out as she was dragged down the hallway by her hair. After the entire scene, she posed in front of her father’s audience, he had had enough.
    “You have defied me long enough Weiss! I’m fed up with being made a fool I front of everyone because of you! You are officially being disowned by the Schnee family!” he lashed out in anger to her. Weiss’
:iconnsjv19:NSJV19 39 32
Mature content
The Fire Dragon and the Ice Queen :iconcornelioburris:CornelioBurris 27 6
Blind Love - Pharah
Hello guys! So here's my first OneShot! I hope you like it. And, there's and update schedule with new possible series, if you want to check: Schedule Update
And as always, feel free to comment, suggest and such.
(Y/N) - Your Name
Your suit - Suit
And Mistral, is like Cortana on Halo, as in terms of aiding you.
OverWatch HQ, Switzerland
It has been 2 years since you joined OverWatch, at the time you were introduced to everyone by Tracer, since you are her adoptive brother. And while there, you grew very fond, of the egyptian beauty Fareeha, or Pharah, as people called her. Even though, she was older than you, that didn’t stop you two from grow closer
:iconfabiur:FabiuR 35 11
Fabia Sheen x Male!Reader - Chapter 1

I’ve decided on your Bakugan for the final time and it is a Yu-Gi-Oh monster that is a dark attribute, making you use Darkus Bakugans. In this fic, you’re not a Neathian like Fabia, just a regular human and you don’t have your Bakugan…yet, but you know a whole lot about it and observe matches and take in data from other’s battles. Pretty short one and I introduce the Gundalians pretty early. Pretty short one because I have to reintroduce myself to Bakugan.
Fabia Sheen x Male!Reader: Raise it to the MAXimum - Chapter 1
I was doing a small hobby of mine called ‘data collecting’ and everyone knew who I was as ‘the man with the clipboard’ who takes in names under his special list and that’s up to speculation as to what I do with that list. Some people say that I comprise a list of people to crush with my ultimate and undefeatable Bakugan and that is mostly agreed upon.
:iconpopdood:popdood 19 24
SVTFOE - It was the booty-shaking by byLisboa
Mature content
SVTFOE - It was the booty-shaking :iconbylisboa:byLisboa 170 28
Mature content
A Cat Person (Blake X Male Reader X Kali) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 98 89
Mature content
Awesome (Ruby X Male Reader X Winter) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 85 36
Cheater!Weiss x M!Reader x Winter

(Y/n)'s P.o.V
"Hey, wake up man. We have to get to class." (Tm/n) said shaking me up.
"Okay, I'm up. Time to see what life has in store for us today." I said sitting up fixing my (h/c) hair.
"Well what life has is you hurrying up because we have ten minutes until class." (STm/n) said. 
"Holy Oum." I said scrabbling to get ready.
                                 –Professor Port's class–
"Two more minutes and we'll begin our class." Professor Port said grooming his mustache a bit. The door to the room was slowly closing as to signify time running out.
"And they're safe." My teammate Rae said as he caught the door and help it open for me and the rest of the team.
"Ah, Team (Team Name). You all were almost late. You were about to miss the wonderful story of how I, Professor Port, bested a wild pack of beowolves, will one arm." The mustached man said.
:iconjotose:Jotose 173 35
Glynda Goodwitch by drill5mm Glynda Goodwitch :icondrill5mm:drill5mm 592 24


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